Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse Product Review

Every gamer longs for a great gaming mouse. The perfect mouse is like the Holy Grail for gamers. However, finding the best mouse is different for every user. Factors such as what games you play, your own hand size and whether you are left or right handed are taken into consideration when choosing the best mouse. Microsoft, a name synonymous with great computer products, has a mouse that all PC gamers should consider. sidewinderx5The Microsoft SideWinder X5 mouse gives a low cost version of the more high-end Logitech version of the same type of mouse. It has a moisture-resistant coating which is especially important when you spend hours a week on your favorite game. It also has an improved sculpt that makes it easier to hold and provide less stress on your hands and wrists while using it. This improved design also means more control to help you play better and more accurately.

Pricing can vary from $26.98 – $59.00, making it affordable for most people and a good alternative to more expensive versions of the similar model, like the Logitech mentioned above. But is this a case of “you get what you pay for” and should look for a cheaper gaming mouse.

While it is a pared-down version of a more upscale mouse, most gamers will find it suits their needs just fine. The SideWinder X5 is a slimmer and stripped down version that is all the basic computer user or gamer will need. You can customize the dpi, giving you more control over the speed of your mouse but you can’t completely customize every button which can be a downer for gamers who want complete control of their mouse buttons.

The design is comfortable and the weights and feet are average for a gaming mouse. All in all, it’s an acceptable mouse if you can find it on the lower end of the price scale. However, if you’re paying the full $60 price tag, there are probably better options such as the Logitech G5 or G7.

If you are a competitive gamer or very serious about first-person shooters and other games that require precise movement and control of the mouse, the MS SideWinder may not quite fit the bill. Other mice for the same price or just a few bucks more will probably deliver more for your needs.

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